7 Questions You Must Ask Before Purchasing an LMS

by Gavin Woods, Client Account & Sales Manager 

The right learning management system (LMS) can be a powerful tool that empowers your learners and your learning team, and brings real tangible benefits to your organisation. But it’s essential you buy the right solution for your organisation.

In this presentation, Gavin Woods outlines 7 key questions you must ask before purchasing a learning management system (LMS).

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3 responses to “7 Questions You Must Ask Before Purchasing an LMS”

  1. John Mitchel says :

    Quite an interesting selection of tips on how to choose an LMS solution. Let me share my personal experience: when we were looking for an LMS solution, we started from formulating of our own needs and requirements (general as well as specific). Afterwards we contacted the representatives of several LMSs in whole meeting our needs and discussed with them the details of our future project, their pricing policy, skalability of their solutions and opportunity to customize them on our needs. As our site was built on Joomla, we finally chose JoomlaLMS solution.
    I wouldn’t say we are happy with everything (for example, the system lacks a mobile application and flesh content can not be read on tablets and smartphones), but in whole the system meets our needs so far.

    • Noleen Turner says :

      Hi John, thanks for your comments. I think your approach is probably quite similar to a lot of other organisations – with pricing, customisation and scalability being key considerations. It’s also important to think about how or indeed if the technology is going to work a few years down the line – and what current and future learning needs are – for example you mentioned that your current solution isn’t mobile – and we know that mobile learning is now the new buzz word in L&D . Having said that it can be a real challenge to keep up-to-date with the rapid pace of technology – and even more difficult to predict the future 🙂 That’s why you were completely right to consult with various suppliers – to find exactly the right solution for you.

  2. John Mitchel says :

    Hi Noleen, I absolutely agree that suppliers of technological solutions must always stay up-to-date with the call of the times! Hope I won’t be dissappointed with my choice after a while…

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